Intro to Brian Henderson's Reading at Words Aloud 13

Emcee Steven Morel introduces Brian Henderson at Words Aloud 13 Spoken Word Festival, Durham, Ontario, Canada. November 4, 2016

Brian Henderson Reading at Words Aloud 13

Brian Henderson performs at Words Aloud Spoken Word Festival, Durham, Ontario, Canada. November 4, 2016.

Words Aloud 13 Special Event

Words Aloud 13 Spoken Word Festival Artistic Director Terry Burns in conversation with poets Sue Goyette and Brian Henderson. The Garafraxa Cafe, November 4, 2016, Durham, Ontario, Canada.

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Members of the League are professional poets who are actively contributing to the development, growth, and public profile of poetry in Canada. [read more]

Brian Henderson on Brick Books.

Brian Henderson has been a Governor General’s Award finalist (Nerve Language, Pedlar Press, 2007) and a finalist for the CAA Chalmers Award for Poetry (Sharawadji, Brick Books, 2011).  [read more]

Brian Henderson on Required Unrealities
Posted by H. L. Hix | Category: Q&A
H. L. Hix: “As if” recurs frequently in English usage, so I don’t want to attribute to it more importance than you mean for it to have, but it seems to have unusual importance in these poems: [read more]

Brian Henderson, born in Kitchener Ontario in 1948. He has a PhD in Canadian Literature from York University and is the author of eight collections of poetry, including a deck of visual poem-cards…

On Writing

Writing: a rope bridge you have to throw out across the abyss of an empty page, a trail that continually forks, a trail that has no path; it’s a trace that wants to unravel itself in you you’re tracking but there’s no trail, no rope bridge, no tracking. [read more]


Originally published in 1987 by Toronto’s Underwhich Editions, Henderson has augmented the original with several recent poems and an afterword for this new edition. Each poem is crafted as a letraset-based mandala responding to the shape of the individual letters.

Posted by Vallum Staff in Featured Interview
Brian Henderson is a poet based in Ontario. His poem “The Incommensurate /” was the runner-up for the Vallum Award for Poetry 2017. With the deadline for this year’s Vallum Award for Poetry quickly approaching, we caught up with Brian to discuss his process and the role of poetry in today’s world. [read more]

Second Prize for the 2017 Vallum Poetry Award
The Incommensurate
Read here or listen on SOUNDCLOUD

Dictionary of Overlapping Things /
Thoughts like trains departing
At various times and the previously
Departed can sometimes be
Overtaken by the just now thought and vice
Versa given variations in speed such
That collisions occur or correlations
[read more]

Brian Henderson is the author of eleven volumes of poetry, the most recent of which is [OR] from Talonbooks. [read more]

Interview with Grey Highlands Poet, Brian Henderson on the release of his recent book, Unidentified Poetic Object .

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Brian Henderson is the author of 12 collections of poetry, including The Alphamiricon,  [read more]

Poetry Mini Interviews - a series

Q: How does a poem begin?
BH: Really, I have no idea. A poem can begin anywhere, and often seemingly out of nothing: I wake up in the middle of the night with a phrase; I’m out for a walk and there’s a rhythm that loops in a few words after a while; an image mirages as a response to … [read more]

Tuesday poem #207 : Brian Henderson : Words / How to perform the taste test


Works by Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson (born 1948) is a Canadian poet.

Brian Henderson is the author of twelve volumes of poetry, the most recent of which is Unidentified Poetic Object from Brick Books. [read more]

Brian Henderson is the author of 10 collections of poetry, one of which, Nerve Language, was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award and about which the jury wrote, “Terrifying and beautiful, the language…is an incendiary crossing of wires…[read more]